A gymnasium of spirit exercise in the Eastern Christian Tradition


We aim to empower individuals to embrace a holistic approach to life, fostering a deep connection with the Divine and facilitating a journey towards spiritual enlightenment. Our mission is to be a guiding light, inspiring and supporting all who seek to deepen their spiritual understanding and embody the timeless wisdom of the East.

Our vision

Our Spiritwellsprigs, a gymnasium, inspired by the rich Christian traditions of the East, embark on a transformative journey, unlocking their spiritual potential and radiating divine love

“Silence is a great Revelation”. (Lao-Ts) Expose yourself to silence. Attempt as much as possible to totally empty your heart and mind.

First silence, then what it may reveal to you: your very self. Wandering mind, persistent emotions is an occupational hazard of silence seekers.
Do not quit,patiently return to self-observation.

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