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2022/2023 Spiritual Exercises with Father George Torok

Father George will present four new sessions of Spiritual Exercise on the first Sunday of each month as scheduled below. October 9, 2022 – 6 PM         DISCIPLESHIP November 6, 2022 – 6PM      SPIRITUALITY January 8, 2023 – 6PM          ENLIGHTEMENT February 5, 2023 – 6PM        CLARITY All sessions will be live streamed live from […]

Brief description of the sessions in SPIRIT GROUP EXERCISES

SESSION ONE: SELF-OBSERVATION: Lotus position: Take a comfortable, disciplined, strait, stable posture. Do not give into changing that position, scratching, relieving, adjusting. If painful, observe the pain’s location, quality, meanderings. Observe the flow of thoughts streaming through your mind If you are carried away by one of them, return to your observation deck. BENEFITS: Even […]

Father George Torok, C.O invites you to silent meditation

GROUP EXERCISES (schedule and registration) CLICK HERE TO KNOW ABOUT THE SESSIONS Are you looking for a way to increase inner tranquility,  decrease stress,  have more control over your own life, and deepen your relationship with God? Find all this and more in Silence: Silence is the great Revelation Silence is transforming There are four […]


TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY CLIC HERE Description: In 1907 Boston priest James Anthony Walsh (1867-1936) started a magazine to inform American Catholics about the needs of foreign missions but within a few years found himself heading an American mission society known as Maryknoll. Walsh pioneered in using the media to foster support for mission […]