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The Catholic Press: An Informal Video History

TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY CLIC HERE Description: This program examines the growth and vitality of diocesan newspapers in the 19th century, especially in defending the immigrant church against anti-Catholic bias, then considers how the Catholic press came to flourish in the 20th century and its changing place in Catholic life since Vatican II. Among […]

AL SMITH : Irish Catholic Politician

TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY CLIC HERE Description: The life and legacy of Alfred Emanuel Smith (1873-1944) is examined in this video portrait of Catholic who rose to prominence in New York politics as the champion of the working class, became the Democratic candidate for President in 1928 and was defeated in a campaign marked […]

THOMAS TURNER : Black Catholic Leader

Description: The life of Thomas W. Turner (1877-1978) spans the turbulent events after the Civil War through the civil rights movement in the 1960′s. Part of that first generation of blacks born free yet of former slave parents. Turner received advanced degrees, became a university professor and social activist who founded the Federated Colored Catholics.

DANIEL RUDD : Founder of Black Lay Catholic Congresses

TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY CLIC HERE Description: Daniel Rudd (1854-1932) deserves a more honorable monument than an obscure grave in the cemetery of Bardstown, KY. As editor of the only Catholic newspaper owned and published by African-Americans, his vision and purpose stretched beyond the immediate and provincial to the future and to the country […]

DOROTHY DAY : Blessed Are the Poor

TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY CLIC HERE Description: “Blessed Are the Poor” No greater witness of the Christian concern for the dispossessed and poor in the 1930′s Depression can be found than in the Catholic Worker Movement founded by Dorothy Day. Following the spiritual journey of the Catholic convert, the video also assesses Day’s legacy […]

FRANCES CABRINI: Mother of Immigrants

TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY CLIC HERE Description: “Mother of immigrants” From 1889 to 1917 Mother Cabrini worked among Italian immigrants and, together with her Missionary Sisters, responded to their socio-religious needs. Sr. Mary Louis Sullivan, M.S.C., the biographer of Mother Cabrini, talks about Cabrini’s influence on the shaping of American Catholic history, of women’s […]

JOHN COURTNEY MURRAY : American Theologian

TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY CLIC HERE   Description: “American Theologian”John Courtney Murray, S.J., was the editor of Theological Studies whose controversial views on the separation of church and state led to his being silenced by Rome in 1955. Named a “peritus” at Vatican II, he contributed to the framing of the Declaration on Religions […]