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There is connection between touching a flower and celestial movement of the stars. Tamil: “How silent is the night. . .” Master: “Hear the stars moving!”   1. Begin to relate to something that is “other” then yourself. 2. Allow the “other” to freely exists in its own life and freedom. 3. Do not enter […]


Silence is the “Great Revealer”. Its reward is light shining in the night   “You touched a flower. . . Stars trembled!” 1. Lotus position: Take a comfortable, disciplined, strait, stable posture. 2. Do not give into changing that position, scratching, relieving, adjusting. 3. If painful, observe the pain’s location, quality, meanderings. 4. Observe the […]


Japanese flowers arrangement with its arts and joy-inspiring wonder. Shinzo: “I cannot see. . .” Master: “Your eyes are closed!” 1. Do not judge, do not attach labels, do not use words or images, just observe. 2. There is a native symmetry and belonging in what makes part of life. When the puzzle is assembled it shows […]

Soul Exercises

Buy DVD Description: The first collection of “Soul Exercises”, which goes under the name of “Eastern Gate”, present visual parables to inspire pursuit of silence and observation. They come from the Buddhist/Christian tradition of Japan. Choose from the following exercises to read a short guide: WONDER        AWARENESS      AROMA     EMPATHY [...]