There in our body is a mysterious potential of communion with Infinite, with God.

It can be discovered and developed through gentle gestures, movements of the body.


“You are the light of my eyes. . . “


“Light now is in your own eyes!”

  1. Perform the most simple gesture of your body: raise your hands turning the palm of your hand upward.
  2. The secret of discovering peace through that gesture consists in doing it gently and very slowly.
  3. Sit relaxed, composed. Now cross your two hands over your chest and bend down in reverence. Please do these gestures very slowly, calmly, devotedly. . .
  4. Chose your own movement of the body and do it in the same relaxed, peaceful and slow manner.
  5. Look at the video “Gracefulness” now, and observe the movements of the dance.

BENEFITS: You will be taken out of your mode of rational thinking, you increase the level of inner peace, and experience the presence of a mystery of life and love.
An invisible presence embracing you and the universe in love.