It is important to sober up before you take any decision.

There is no communion between negative intoxications and peace.


“Oceans rage. . .

Deep waters are calm. . . “

1. Set on an examination of any sensation in your body which is there yet you were not aware of.
2. Now look for any sensation in your body from top to bottom you could get in touch with, become aware of it.
3. Do not stay long with any part of your body, no more but few seconds. However travel again and again from head to feet detecting any sensation you could.
4. Be keenly concern that the sensation you detect is something you “feel” not something you “think about”.

BENEFITS: We are mostly unaware of the subtle feelings and spontaneous movements of our body until they become painful.
What we are unaware of is controlling us. The moment we become aware of it, we regain control of ourselves.
To have a habit of orderly behavior, or in the process of taking decisions, we need to be in control of our thoughts, emotions and motivations. Sober up before you drive!
This exercise may help to provide an increased level of self-control.