sound-silence1. Focus on something you choose to observe with undivided attention: air as it passes through your nostrils, breathing (its length, temperature, rhythm), sensations in different parts of your body. . .

2. Resolve to focus on the object of your observation avoiding distractions.

3. If you are carried away by unrelated thoughts, feelings, or images, become aware of how much time passed from the onset of the distraction to the moment of you becoming aware of it.

4. Return to your self-observation with a particular focus on detecting the start of your mind wandering away from the main object of your observation.

5. Try as much as you can to shorten the time of drifting into distractions and fantasy.

BENEFITS: Do not consider as distraction what can be only a short wandering away of your mind from the focus of your observation, especially if you become aware of it immediately. The goal of this exercise is to sharpen your awareness to the point of detecting the first deviations and being able to resolutely return to the main object of your observation.

As you sharpen your awareness of the onset of distraction and your newly acquired capacity to return to your main object of observation as soon as possible, you will experience inner silence and tranquility of mind and emotions both of which would be hard to attain in any other way.


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