HOUSE OF PETER (8 min.):From 1968 to 1986 Father Virgilio Corbo, a Franciscan archeologist, brought to light the remains of Peter’s house in Capernaum. At the site he unearthed the “Venerable Room”, a place of worship of the first Christian community. He also identified and collected a large quantity of frescoed plasters and graffiti containing Christian symbols and invocation to Christ. These were carved by first century Christian pilgrims, a sign of the ancient veneration on the site.
This video features Fr. Virgilio Corbo, Fr. Ray Bourque and the very first video recording made in 1989 at the site of the excavations.

LITHOSTROTOS – GABBATHA (8:30 min):  Gabbatha is the Aramaic name of a place in Jerusalem, which is also referred to by the Greek name of Lithostrōtos. It occurs only once in the Bible in John 19:13:  (Pontius Pilate) “brought Jesus forth, and sat down on the judgment seat, in the place that is called Lithostrotos, in Hebrew Gabbatha.”

“Gabbatha” more precisely denotes the place in Jerusalem, where Pilate had his judicial seat, and where he delivered his final sentence of death by crucifixion.

Thousands of pilgrims each year walk the Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross) without realizing that extensive remains of first-century Jerusalem lie beneath their feet.

This video offers a unique pictorial visit to the original pavement in the courtyard of fortress Antonia where Jesus was condemned, scourged, crowned with thorns, mocked, and  took up his cross on His way to Calvary.