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God’s Trombones is a Trilogy of Afro-American poems written by James Weldon Johnson in a slim volume of poetry and chosen from seven inspirational sermons of the old-time black preachers.
He chose the name “God’s Trombones” to emphasize that the preacher used his voice like a marvelous instrument, intoning a wide range of emotions.
He wrote: “The preacher brought into play the full gamut of his wonderful voice — what shall I say? — not of an organ or trumpet, but rather of a trombone”.
The DVD contains three animations:

  1. “The Creation” (7:35 long): narrated by James Earl Jones, received an Academy Award nomination for  Short Subject Animation; it retells the Genesis’ story of creation with colorful visuals and introduces God who is well pleased with his masterpiece of arts.
  2. “The Prodigal Son” (7:48 long): narrated by Dorian Harewood, arts by Christina Gale Sells, the parable of Jesus of the prodigal son is depicted in sparkling new animation;
  3. “Go Down Death” (6:20 long): narrated by Dorian Harewood and Julianne Johnstone with music by Michael Bard and Jon Newton suggests a consoling view of death and a dream of hope beyond the grave.