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Today more than ever we need to respect and value HUMAN RIGHTS. Discover  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations: rights of movement, residence, religion, education; right of living in peace, right of a dignified and good life. . . This short video presents an abbreviated visual summary of The Universal Declaration […]

Italian Immigrants

Italian Americans have played an important role in the economy of the United States, and have founded companies of great national prominence, such as Bank of America (by Amadeo Giannini in 1904), and many companies that have contributed to the local culture and character of U.S. cities, such as Petrini’s Markets (founded by Frank Petrini […]

The Catholic Press: An Informal Video History

TO PURCHASE A HARD COPY CLIC HERE Description: This program examines the growth and vitality of diocesan newspapers in the 19th century, especially in defending the immigrant church against anti-Catholic bias, then considers how the Catholic press came to flourish in the 20th century and its changing place in Catholic life since Vatican II. Among […]


FOCUSING 1. Focus on something you choose to observe with undivided attention: air as it passes through your nostrils, breathing (its length, temperature, rhythm), sensations in different parts of your body. . . 2. Resolve to focus on the object of your observation avoiding distractions. 3. If you are carried away by unrelated thoughts, feelings, or images, […]


THE “OTHER“: 1. Begin to relate to something that is “other” then yourself. 2. Allow the “other” to freely exists in its own life and freedom. 3. Do not enter a competition race of with “other”. 4. Appreciate and admire its own flow of life, it is part of a cosmic irresistible movement, drawing all yourself […]


TURNING TO SENSES: 1. The best way to exit the “thinking mode” is to turn to senses. 2. The senses will get you in touch with the “present”, the here-and-now. 3. Become aware of “any” existing sensation in your body. 4. Is there any part of your body which produces sensation that you are not aware […]


SELF-OBSERVATION: 1. Lotus position: Take a comfortable, disciplined, strait, stable posture. 2. Do not give into changing that position, scratching, relieving, adjusting. 3. If painful, observe the pain’s location, quality, meanderings. 4. Observe the flow of thoughts streaming through your mind. 5. If you are carried away by one of them, return to your observation […]