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Today more than ever we need to respect and value HUMAN RIGHTS. Discover  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations: rights of movement, residence, religion, education; right of living in peace, right of a dignified and good life. . . This short video presents an abbreviated summary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the […]


It is important to sober up before you take any decision. There is no communion between negative intoxications and peace. Master: “Oceans rage. . . Deep waters are calm. . . “ 1. Set on an examination of any sensation in your body which is there yet you were not aware of. 2. Now look for […]


    There in our body is a mysterious potential of communion with Infinite, with God. It can be discovered and developed through gentle gestures, movements of the body. Tamil: “You are the light of my eyes. . . “ Master: “Light now is in your own eyes!” Perform the most simple gesture of your […]


  No matter how many stars are shining in the sky, if there is no light in your own eyes, the world sinks into darkness. “Keep looking . One day you will see”, says the Master.   1. Focus on something you choose to observe with undivided attention: air as it passes through your nostrils, breathing […]


There is connection between touching a flower and celestial movement of the stars. Tamil: “How silent is the night. . .” Master: “Hear the stars moving!”   1. Begin to relate to something that is “other” then yourself. 2. Allow the “other” to freely exists in its own life and freedom. 3. Do not enter […]


  Flavor is both in the drink, but also in taste buds. Shinzo: “My cup is small. . .” Master: “Drink slowly!” 1. The best way to exit the “thinking mode” is to turn to senses. 2. The senses will get you in touch with the “present”, the here-and-now. 3. Become aware of “any” existing […]


Silence is the “Great Revealer”. Its reward is light shining in the night   “You touched a flower. . . Stars trembled!” 1. Lotus position: Take a comfortable, disciplined, strait, stable posture. 2. Do not give into changing that position, scratching, relieving, adjusting. 3. If painful, observe the pain’s location, quality, meanderings. 4. Observe the […]


Japanese flowers arrangement with its arts and joy-inspiring wonder. Shinzo: “I cannot see. . .” Master: “Your eyes are closed!” 1. Do not judge, do not attach labels, do not use words or images, just observe. 2. There is a native symmetry and belonging in what makes part of life. When the puzzle is assembled it shows […]